25.08.2019 Slovakia is still work. But when your working tool is a Porsche Cayenne turbo S hybrid.... you'll forget immediately that you are on job.

This car is a monster of performance! You hop in, you start the engine and your brain says.."ok, just another da in a big and heavy office". But as soon as you hit the pedal your brain switches into survival mode! The acceleration of both engines, gas and electric, is so powerful...You´re immediately want to hit the race track.

And the peerformance of the chassis...absolut astonishing. Like I said so often... "What a masterpiece of engineering".

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23.06.2019 Portugal

Have you ever thought about digital detox?

We swapped the smartphones of four globetrotters for car keys. Obviously I and my buddy Marc drove some of the film sequences at the Portuguese Algave. But most of the time our heroes drove by her own. And as you can see...They had allot of fun with the Porsche 718T models.

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07.05.2019 South Africa

To be driver and actor on this Porsche 911 Speedster job was a real honor to me!

Especially since I was allowed to move the last generation of Speedster in front of the camera almost ten years ago. and what do you think is the difference between today and all the years ago???    Nothing!!!...

I feel the same humbling moments...the same overwhelming power...even the same sadness after the last shooting day...this car is so iconic. I can't even describe it in ma own words.
Thanks Porsche for your trust in my capabilities...and thanks for making me smile for weeks after this beautiful shooting in South Afrika.

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21.03.2019 South Africa

With the all new Cayenne Coupé Porsche hammered a new top design line out of the rocks.

The typical Porsche flyline, the brand new back few, the 22" sport rims....just the whole package makes the Cayenne even more recognisable as a super sports car. And after a few bends behind the wheel you can already feel that you're surrounded by more than just a new design package!

This car presents you one of the best chassis in his class. The feedback of the steering wheel, the perfection of the composition between wheels and brakes, the powerful engine....every single component gives you a feeling of perfection.
I´m impresst after every single job what Porsche is able to do better, when they start working on something witch is allready the best.

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08.02.2019 Romania

On this shoot I was driving on of the best everyday practical sports cars I ever moved infront of a camera. The all new Porsche Macan is at one side so handsome....and as soon as you push the pedal it transforms the street into a racetrack. It was so much fun to chace the camera around all this beautiful romanian, Greece and Bulgarian locations.

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30.01.2019 Los Angeles

Racing..drifting...cruising...With the new Porsche Panamera GTS we squeezed out every piece of performance at this beautiful shooting. It is amazing how handy this big machine is. If you drive it for a few days you will rarely forget that you are not in a 911. And at he looks so gorgeous...there are not so much better cars to have a joyride around this beautifull Californian locations.

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25.02.2018 Lausitzring

The all new GT3RS....what should I say??? There are not that many words to descripe the feeling when you unlesh a beast like that. Performance...precision...handling...but at the pure driving pleasure.
It took me a while to switch my face from WOW to Yihaaaa. But as soon as the tires are on temperature this car makes you feeling unstopable.

Sometimes it drives me crazy that there's always a cam car by my side I have to wait for!!!

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02.01.2018 Frankfurt

This project was a taff beginning of the year. A Porsche Panamera totally overloaded with people, equipment AND, to make it real hard to drive, a 6m camera crane on top of the car.

But create unusual pictures you have to drive out of the box. And this shooting was something realy unusual. I can´  t even tell if I was driving a panamera or a 919!?!?
At the´s just a nother masterpece of creativity an technical realisation.

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06.11.2017 Weisach

Driving at the Weissach development center is always something special to me. The holy halls where every Porsche takes his first breath.

 And when you supposed to see the all new Porsche GT2RS for the first time, it makes it even more special.
Sometimes it´s really hard to keep on focused...

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22.10.2017 Slovakia

The Porsche 911 CarreraT...more purism...more emotion...more statement. Driving special models is always an excitement. They are like divas....made for doing what they have to do...but nobody wants to treat them like that.

Especially when you have to shoot on a mountain road while a thunderstorm shows you the limit of how fare you can go in terms of safety work. But out of question...the result of this shooting is epic.

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11.10.2017 Shanghai

For this job I was traveling 10.000miles far east. AUDI was showing off some new products at a beautiful Shanghai live show. The legendary AUDI S1..the brand new R8LMS...some DUCATI motorcycles...after a few days of rehersal we´ve bin suposet to present a nice show where all the pruducts are integrated. And what should I say...mission accomplished.

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10.10.2017 Spain

Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Sport Turisimo....
What a name...what a car.
Normally this cart should convince you with all the future oriented details. And I'm totally aware of all these innovative facts. But for me as a driver the most astonishing fact is the pure driving power! I mean...this is a freekn station wagon with unbelievable 700hp. And not even that. This car shows a driving performance you´ll never expect from a car in this product segment. What a machine....

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12.03.2017 Stuttgart

Me as an actor....After a beautiful TV commercial shooting for our German chip tuning Company RaceChip the final result is on air! It was so cool to work with all this young and innovative guys...can´t wait to start the next project! Driving without it ;-)

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08.03.2017 Arizona

When you fall in love at work...When we shot the new Porsche Sport Turismo it was really hard for me to keep focused on my driving. Every time I had the chance to hop out of the car I couldn't resist to stroll around the car. The design of the Sport Turismo is so astonishing...all the details...the shape...pure energy and elegance on four wheels. And the best part over all...It still drives like a super sport car. But what did you expect...

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01.03.2017 Flacht

If you want to do a lap with me at the Porsche test facility in Flacht feel free to take a seat and enjoy. Klick at the picture below and of we go!

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21.12.2016 Eisligen

A few days before christmas I got the chance to be part of another big challenge. The German chip tuning company RACE CHIP produces theyre first tv spot and I´m the main actor on it. A few shooting days at the home facility...some more on the roads of the  beautiful island Teneriffa...and bäm...all card full and ready for editing.

I'm so excited to see the final result end of march all around the world!!!

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30.11.2016 France

To describe my last job there are not so many words needed. 1360 BHP....2 times more downforce than a F1 car...3.4 G brakeing power...and 340 KPH max speed. 

It is a honor be one of only six more people on this planet who´s allowed to drive the new NIO EP9 Supercar. And to be honest...I´m still astonished by this massive power of an electrical future car!

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30.10.2016 San Francisco

After I tortured some passengers, in a nice way, at the Dubai race track, I did it again at the Porsche 718 playground in San Francisco. It was so much fun to do some hot laps with the two winners of the competition to design the best track for the Porsche 718 event in San Francisco.

After I showed the guys how to have fun at the track they got the opportunity to discover the track by themselves. And as you can see...the barely can´t stop smiling. And if you ever had the chance to drive a´ll remember this feeling ! ! !

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28.10.2016 Germany

To be the stunt coordinator at this huge AMG shooting, forced me and my capabilities to operate at the highest level you can imagine.  Tons of super cars...thousands of daylight...wet surface and hundreds of obstacles. A lot of elements to create one mistake after the other.

But as you can see...the result speaks his own language. As long as you work with the best of the bests in front and behind the camera...there are no limits to create pictures you never have seen before!

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30.07.16 Dubai

What is the best way to measure driving pleasure? I think the easiest way is to sit right next to me.

I had the pleasure to work on this exciting experiment we started with a Porsche Boxster GTS at the Dubai autodrome. Four people on my co driver seat are supposed to relax while I drive some "funny" rounds at the Dubai race track. Measured by heartbeat they tell you a wordless story what they feel when I push the throttle to the bottom. Pure driving pleasure with every heart beat ...... I think

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20.06.2016 Mallorca

Speeding downhill is not the easiest way to go fast. Different brake discs...hardcore torture for every inch of your tires. and just to put one on top...without daylight and two sliding longborder close to your licence plate, the whole story turns into a little James Bond scenario. It was not only fun to chase my two buddies with my Porsche Macan GTS.

Sometimes we stuck together so close that I only could see two helmets reflecting my cornering light. Adrenaline par excellence...and all you need to keep a little smile on your lips while falling to sleep after a hard pumping night shoot.

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10.05.2016 Portimao

Drifting drifting drifting...was the headline while we shoot the trailer for the new JAGUAR campaign. And after a few days of fast and furious driving we had all we needed to edit this beautiful video.

It´s so funny to watch this...because I still smell the burned rubber from al the tires we killed during this shoot ;-) I love the result. 

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05.05.2016 South Afrika

It's not a big secret that I'm a mid engine fan since I drove the first Porsche Boxster Spyder ever. But after all this years of developing and pushing new technologies forward since I start driving, there's alway on question coming up: What will be better at the next generation of this car? Because it already feels like it is state of the art...

And what should I say...I have no idea! The only thing I know it's the fact that they did everything better than before. It's such a driving pleasure to fly around with this new generation of Porsche Cayman.

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01.03.2016 South Afrika

Stick shift...500hp...lightweight... pure driving pleasure...Every time I'm driving a new Porsche model it feels like "that´s it"! There´s no way to build something better than that. I say...every time...And I'm sure the next time my feelings are totally the same!

For this moment I'm just totally flashed by the result of my last Porsche 911R shooting.

This street legal race car drives like something from another planet. It's every single job an adrenaline loaded excitement to go so fast, outside a race track, with this cars.

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03.01.2016 Andorra

Before I start my shooting day I normally set up my perfect driving position by pressing some buttons. But for the 718 shooting my first act was a trip to the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. And there I learned...this legend has less buttons in the whole car than a modern car just to adjust the drivers seat. 

And that´s why I was fallen in love with this historic masterpiece of engineering. It was on of my purest driving experience in my live. Everything reduced to the stabilisation management...pure driving pleasure and a never ending smile in my face.

Thanks Porsche Museum for your trust in my driving skills. It was a honor for me to drive this little beauty!

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